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Increased Funding for Key Youth Homelessness Programs in FY 2020 Budget

Congress has just passed the FY2020 budget and is on it way to the President’s desk to be signed. The budget includes increased funding for programs serving young people who are at-risk of and are experiencing homelessness.  Below is a summary of funding and final report and statutory language for programs serving youth experiencing [...]

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Take Action: Ask Your U.S. Representative to Cosponsor HCYA, H.R. 2001

Take Action: Ask Your U.S. Representative to Cosponsor The Homeless Children and Youth Act (H.R. 2001) Encourage your U.S. House Representative to support and cosponsor the Homeless Children and Youth Act (H.R. 2001). Currently, the definition of "homeless" used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is narrow, and excludes children and [...]

By Jo Ann Paanio, JD, Director of Policy and Advocacy, NN4Y|2019-09-23T16:04:54-04:00September 23, 2019|Public Policy Updates|0 Comments

President Trump’s First Budget- FY18

March 16, 2017 President Trump released the outline of his proposed budget for the 2018 federal fiscal year (FY18) that begins in October. This ‘skinny budget’ will be followed with more details later this Spring, but already includes information that impacts youth and young adult homelessness programs. This ‘skinny budget’ proposes a combination of cuts [...]

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