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Take Action: Ask Your U.S. Representative to Cosponsor HCYA, H.R. 2001

Take Action: Ask Your U.S. Representative to Cosponsor The Homeless Children and Youth Act (H.R. 2001) Encourage your U.S. House Representative to support and cosponsor the Homeless Children and Youth Act (H.R. 2001). Currently, the definition of "homeless" used by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is [...]

Jo Ann Paanio, JD, Director of Policy and Advocacy, NN4YSeptember 23, 2019|Public Policy Updates|

President Trump’s First Budget- FY18

March 16, 2017 President Trump released the outline of his proposed budget for the 2018 federal fiscal year (FY18) that begins in October. This ‘skinny budget’ will be followed with more details later this Spring, but already includes information that impacts youth and young adult homelessness programs. This ‘skinny budget’ [...]

Eric Masten, Director of Public PolicyMarch 16, 2017|Public Policy Updates|

Public Policy Update – November 20, 2013

Did you not receive either a SOP or BCP grant this last round and score 95 or higher? Was there a page number problem or other electronic/technical problem that affected your chances of receiving a grant? Is there now neither a BCP or SOP grant in your area as a result? Did you have some other issue with your grant application?

Public Policy Update – May 7, 2013

Are You Part of Your Local HUD Continuum of Care (CoC)? As we look at the fiscal realities, we want to help you pull in more diverse pots of federal money to serve runaway and homeless youth. To this end, many programs receive HUD funding and many of you do not receive HUD funding. You may already be part of your local Continuum of Care (CoC) or you may not be. We are going to be working with you and HUD to elevate the evidence-based practices of the homeless youth continuum of care; which is distinct from adult programs.

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