NN4Y provides support to communities to create Local Cross-System Collaboratives (LCSC) on Youth Homelessness to address the root causes of homelessness among young people by advancing innovative, long-term solutions through multi-pronged and multi-level collaborative community work.

These cross-system collaboratives center youth with lived experience and improve systems to prevent and respond to YYA experiences of homelessness in communities by bringing together a broad range of stakeholders and assisting them in leveraging their strengths to transform systems and increase the effectiveness.


Successful collaboratives need to be sustainable and ultimately self-directed to do the hard work of systems change and community collaboration. To support long-term and lasting changes, we are looking for communities committed to this work over the long-term. We seek to partner with organizations that are:

  • Poised to bring together a broad group of stakeholders with a high level of engagement and are willing to do things differently.
  • Ready to commit to collaborate for the long-term and to engage new stakeholders over time.
  • Led by strong community leaders who are not self-interested but center their work around young people’s needs.
  • Willing to redirect existing resources if that is what the LCSC determines is needed to achieve the community’s strategic plan.
  • Ready to engage with the media, public, and policymakers to raise awareness about the issue broadly and the work of the LCSC specifically.
  • Willing to be part of a peer-learning network to share with and learn from other LCCs’ work.
  • Ready to work with systems that frequently serve youth experiencing homelessness, education, child welfare, and juvenile/criminal justice.

Our Approach

The NN4Y LCSCs work is a comprehensive approach targeting the root causes of homelessness for young people to achieve lasting and sustainable progress. Our biggest successes have been developing, sustaining, and improving our partnerships with youth and young adults (YYA) with lived experience of homelessness to improve the community and systems response to YYA homelessness. We have partnered with more than 35 youth to develop local cross-system collaborations in 5 communities. Our approach includes:

  1. Centering Youth and Young Adult Partnerships
  2. Developing a Collective Impact Approach
  3. Using a human-centered design approach to problem solving and is the backbone of our work at NN4Y

Do you have questions about starting an LCSC? Contact lcsc@nn4youth.org and a member of our team will get back to you.