NN4Y Membership Drive 2020

By joining the National Network for Youth, organizations like you can make a difference! NN4Y relies on youth service providers, national organizations, young leaders, researchers and advocates to elevate best practices and perspectives. In turn, we equip our members with the tools, training and inspiration to effectively pursue local solutions to youth homelessness and advocate for effective local and national policies.

To secure your NN4Y Membership, choose organizational or individual membership below and complete the form. We strongly encourage you to pay by credit card (select the first button), but you may also pay by check if you prefer (select the second button). You will receive an receipt of or invoice for payment upon completing the membership form.

For questions about joining NN4Y, please call 202.783.7949. We look forward to working together!

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NN4Y Success

  • Increased RHYA funding by $8.2 million, and ensured “bridge funding” for programs with grants ending before the ends of fiscal 2018 and 2019.
  • Advocated for the continuation of the HUD YHDP grants and sought to improve its implementation.
  • Expanded our partnerships with young leaders by expanding the NYAC to 28 young leaders.

NN4Y is at the forefront of creating a national dialogue around ending youth homelessness. Their work is grounded in the real experiences of homeless youth providers around the country and they are well respected by policymakers in DC. That’s why I became a member.

NN4Y Member

We need an advocate that is tasked with seeing the bigger picture—to see how the various federal agencies and programs interact, especially when they are at odds with each other, which forces providers to make unnecessary choices in which services they offer. NN4Y is that voice. NN4Y is OUR voice. Only through our participation and support can they continue to education, advocate and hold these decision makers accountable to the young people we serve.

Valerie Douglas, The Center for Youth Services, Rochester, NY