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The current economic crisis and related family stress threaten to create new waves of family and youth homelessness. Even prior to COVID-19, youth and family homelessness were at record levels: public schools identified over 1.5 million children and youth experiencing homelessness. Over 80% of these children and youth — 1,222,718 children and youth — were staying outside the formal shelter system, bouncing between temporary situations with other people or in motels, when they were first identified. Similarly, most young adults experiencing homelessness are not in shelters or on the streets. These hidden homeless situations are unstable, lead to frequent moves, and put families and youth at great risk of COVID-19 transmission, infection, and illness — as well as predation, violence, and trafficking. Now more than ever, these children, families, and youth need our attention if they are to receive the help they need to survive and thrive.