Youth Collaboration 2.0: How to Sustain a Youth Action Board (YAB)

Systems change can only occur if the group most impacted by the system are equal partners in the process. Youth Action Boards (YABs) have served as the vehicle to develop authentic partnerships with young leaders. Many organizations find it challenging to develop and sustain their Youth Action Boards.

This webinar will introduce participants to a model that can help sustain and build capacity among YABs. The cascading mentorship model emphasizes meaningful and empowering relationships and support between program directors, program facilitators/mentors, and youth participants. The cascading mentorship model combined with cross-systems work can have a positive impact on developing systems change.

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  • Understand the theoretical background regarding meaningful partnerships with young leaders

  • Articulate the values needed to implement a YAB

  • Comprehend how cascading mentorship can be used to develop and sustain youth action boards

  • Develop an action plan to implement cascading mentorship in their organization