While our local cross-system collaboratives are a proven framework for ending youth homelessness in communities, new Federal initiatives, both legislative and regulatory, can better assure the success of these collaborations.

In Washington, D.C., NN4Y works to make the necessary improvements and secure new funding. Our policy agenda and priorities are driven by the young people we partner with and our national provider network.

A Presidential Agenda for Solving Youth and Young Adult Homelessness in America

The Biden-Harris Administration has an obligation and opportunity to ensure youth and young adults experiencing homelessness are at the forefront of its efforts to end all forms of homelessness in America. This co-created policy agenda believes whole-heartedly that homelessness in America can end if there is a radical shift to expand resources and implement common-sense policies that prevent and respond to youth and young adult homelessness. Click here to read the full transition plan.

No young person should ever experience homelessness. Yet, each year, an estimated 4.2 MILLION youth and young adults experience homelessness. 

2021 Congressional Calendar

Targeted Legislation: The 117th Congress

A new session of Congress has officially begun which means that all of our legislation needs to be reintroduced.  We are working with congressional staff to have the following bills re-introduced:

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