2021 National Summit on Youth Homelessness

Thank you for joining us for NN4Y’s 2021 Virtual Hill Day on March 25, 2021, from 9 AM to 1 PM ET. The world is changing, and now more than ever, your voice is needed to help transform systems to prevent and end youth and young adult homelessness!

This unique virtual experience will allow Summit attendees to speak directly with lawmakers on Capitol Hill about the issues affecting youth and young adults experiencing homelessness and advocate for our collective policy agenda – all from your home or office! NN4Y is providing specific asks for the Members of Congress and Fact Sheet about our policy priorities.

Youth, service providers, homeless liaisons, and advocates from across the country will be attending our annual National Summit on Youth Homelessness and join our virtual Hill Day.

We are providing a coordinating webinar for all hill day participants on Tuesday, March 9 at 3 PM EST, where NN4Y will provide important information to ensure everyone schedules and is prepared for their meetings with time for attendees to meet with others from their state.

State Captain’s Role

  • As a state captain, you will be responsible for coordinating SENATE meetings for all registrants in your state. This means that you will be responsible for scheduling meetings with your Senators on behalf of your state’s attendees.
  • You are NOT responsible for scheduling the meetings with the HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES from your state, but we ask that you encourage all attendees to schedule their own House meetings. Also, please schedule your House meeting and invite others from the state who are in the same district to join. You can find your Senators here and your Representatives here.
  • You will be receiving a list of registrants from your state several times as more people register. Please use this list to coordinate the meetings and prepare meeting agendas in advance.
  • An informational webinar for all hill day participants will occur on Tuesday, March 9 at 3 PM ET. The webinar will cover:
    • The difference of virtual, generally.
    • What our congressional asks are
    • Provide time in breakout rooms with folks from your state to begin coordinating
    • Time for Q&A to ask any questions you may have.

If you can attend, that will be a great time to kick off the coordination and planning with others from your state.

State Captain’s Tasks

  • Attend the webinar on March 9 (or watch it on demand).
  • Send introductory emails to attendees in your state with information and instructions about scheduling virtual hill meetings.
  • Schedule meetings with your Senators on behalf of all of the attendees from your state. NN4Y has provided you with a draft email to send.
  • Ensure all state participants and those you are meeting with have the meeting (zoom/conference call) information.
  • Host a coordinating meeting to prepare for your virtual meetings with your state attendees.
  • Schedule meetings with the Representative(s) from your state OR ask attendees from each congressional district to work together to schedule their meetings.
  • Read the advocacy material provided by NN4Y and attend Hill Day!
  • March 1: Begin scheduling meetings with Members of Congress

  • March 9:  Attend informational webinar

  • March 17: Send pre-meeting materials to all congressional offices you are meeting with

  • March 25: NN4Y Virtual Hill Day

  • March 26: Fill out form to tell NN4Y about your meetings (one form submission per meeting)

  • March 29:Send a follow-up email to everyone congressional office you met with