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Racism is a Public Health Threat

The National Network for Youth works to address and respond to youth homelessness and in doing so recognizes the systemic oppression that has been institutionalized and continues to impact black and brown lives. Now is the time for each and every one of us to look within and ask [...]

Making Time for Self Care

The day I decided to write and explore the benefits and challenges of practicing self-care was the day my temperature spiked nearly five degrees. I took two extra strength Tylenol and exhausted my to-do list. I felt fine otherwise, and assumed the 101.4 fever would go away in a [...]

Yorri Berry, Director of Youth Partnerships, National Network for YouthMay 14, 2020|Blog Post|

Who Has Time for Self-Care?

Clearly, you might. You clicked on the link based on the title alone and this is an encouraging sign. In reality you may be doing great. You may have your mediation techniques mastered and your Calm app on your phone may be your best friend. You may prioritize walks [...]

Tammy L. Hopper, National Safe Place Network May 6, 2020|Blog Post|

A “Pro-Care” Approach to Serving Young People At-Risk of and Experiencing Homelessness

Words matter! After having a discussion with advocates on the importance of aftercare services to end youth homelessness, I began to think that maybe we have it all wrong. Traditional services are very linear in delivery. This linear approach of before-care services, in-care services, and after-care services miss the [...]

Andrew Palomo, MSW, NN4Y Director of Community StrategiesApril 6, 2020|Blog Post|

Staying Connected While Practicing Social Distancing

It is unquestionable that COVID-19 has heavily impacted not only our nation, but the entire world. I have to be frank, when all of the major media platforms began explaining what COVID-19 was and what the projected outcomes of this virus were, I was struck with fear because nothing [...]

Benjamin Saldana, National Youth Advisory CouncilMarch 27, 2020|Blog Post|

Experts Need An Expert

NN4Y's National Youth Advisory Council was proud to partner with the Children's Rights Summit (CRS).  CRS brought together social justice leaders, in-house counsel and children’s rights advocates to find rights-based solutions for children and their communities. I participated as a lived-experience expert in one of the three injustice kitchens. [...]

Aja Ellington, NYAC Young LeaderJanuary 21, 2020|Blog Post|
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