Paul Hamann


The Night Ministry

Chicago, IL

Paul W. Hamann is a native of Columbus, Ohio. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from Ohio Dominican College in Columbus, OH, where he double majored in Psychology and the Teaching of English as a Second Language. Following graduation, Paul entered the seminary, as a member of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) within the Roman Catholic Church, where he began theological studies and community formation in preparation for ordination to the Priesthood. While with the Dominicans, Paul worked at an emergency runaway youth shelter in San Francisco, as a hospital chaplain at a level one trauma unit in Memphis, TN and for the S.H.A.R.E. Foundation in Washington, D.C. and Berkeley, CA. While with S.H.A.R.E., Paul engaged in fund development work on behalf of repatriated refugee communities in El Salvador. He also traveled to El Salvador and spent time in guerilla held territory, providing humanitarian aid to refugees.

After leaving formal religious life in 1991, Paul worked as a social worker in a 250 bed adult homeless shelter and then as the Program Director at the Chinatown Youth Center (CYC). While at CYC, Paul oversaw government-funded programs focusing on the prevention of delinquency amongst San Francisco’s Chinese youth population. In 1994, Paul became the Director of Administration for the West Coast Region of the Institute of International Education and for three years developed fundraising programs and the administrative infrastructure needed to support the region’s work with Fulbright scholars.

In 1997, The Bothin Foundation asked Paul to undertake an independent feasibility study that would result in Families on Track, the nonprofit partner in a full-service community school collaborative. After accepting Paul’s recommendations for the project, the Foundation asked him to oversee Families on Track’s seventeen-month community development phase in South San Francisco. When this phase was finished, Paul assumed the position of Executive Director and led the organization during its first three years of program implementation, simultaneously developing the business and administrative infrastructure for the new nonprofit while growing its client population to more than 1200 individuals. During his association with Families on Track, Paul raised over $4.5 million, and Families on Track was recognized as a national model for providing family-centered social services within a public school context. Paul served on the faculty at the University of San Francisco, where he taught public finance within the Law Enforcement Leadership Degree Program.

In June 2002, Paul left the Bay Area for Chicago, where he served as the Director of Finance & Administration for The Night Ministry. He became President of The Night Ministry in July 2007, after holding the role of Senior Vice President.

Paul holds two graduate degrees: one in Theology with an emphasis on social justice teachings and the other in Nonprofit Administration.

Paul’s motto is that one should always live so as to positively answer the question, “Will it matter that I was?”