The National Network for Youth has drafted a comment in response to the open request for public comment by the Administration for Children and Families, HHS: Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse Handbook of Standards and Procedures. Comments are due August 16, 2021. More details here

The Prevention Services Clearinghouse was established to implement the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). FFPSA requires an independent systematic review of evidence to designate programs and services as “promising,” “supported,” and “well supported” practices. Title VI-E funds can pay for those practices that receive a designation. The handbook is implementing the law into practice. 

The more organizations that make the same recommendations, the more likely it is that the federal agency will incorporate these recommendations in the final policies developed. Therefore, we ask that you consider using NN4Y’s draft comment to submit your comment. Feel free to copy and paste all or any part of our draft comments and add to them however you would like.

They are only accepting email submissions. Here are the instructions to submit a comment:

Interested parties may submit written questions, comments, and supplementary documents by email to with “Title IV-E PSC FRN comment” in the subject line. To ensure that your comments have maximum effect, please identify clearly the section of the Handbook of Standards and Procedures, Version 1.0 ( that your comment addresses.

Thank you for your partnership in advocacy!  


August 12, 2021

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