Kids in Crisis provides 24 hour crisis intervention, outreach, emergency shelter and community based programs for at-risk infants, children and teens in Southern Connecticut. Kids in Crisis has been a RHYA Basic Center grantee for over 35 years providing services to over 4,000 runaway and homeless youth.  In addition, Kids in Crisis (KIC) is part of a strong network of providers who work together across the country to ensure that our young people have the resources they need to be safe.

RHYA funding has enabled KIC to have boots on the ground to respond to the calls from runaway, homeless and street youth 24/7. A trained counselor is able to meet the youth immediately and bring them in from the street and when necessary provide them with emergency shelter services.

Recently KIC served a young man who, at 15 years old, had left home and was couch surfing until he ran out of places to stay. He begrudgingly came to KIC when his friend’s parents said he needed to find someplace else to go.  He worked with KIC counselors to begin to have conversations with his mom and began to take the necessary steps to return home.  He gave us this note when he left Kids in Crisis.

“This place, believe it or not has made an impact on my life so greatly. It’s hard to express in words.  I appreciate all the help you have given me through the time I was here.  I thank the staff mostly for all the advice they have given me.  Remember you are here for yourself.  Know what you need to work on and get it accomplished.  If you want something go for it.  In the real world no one will be there to provide you anything.  Be independent!  I will miss you all.  Be safe and hopefully see you soon.  I’m out!”


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August 24, 2017

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