The temperature dropped to 36 degrees last night, but that didn’t stop some local kids from sleeping outside for a good cause.125 kids from area churches slept in boxes and tents right outside of McDonalds last night.It was to raise awareness about at-risk and homeless youth issues in Mankato.The sleep out’s organizer says while these kids can’t know what it’s like to be homeless… the goal was to inform them more of the issues facing some of their peers.Peter Bierer says, “The big thing was getting them aware of the issues that their peers are going through, knowing that they’ve got friends who are couch hopping, not sleeping in their own homes who are from abusive homes or neglectful homes. Understanding those issues that their friends are probably going through.”The sleep-out raised more than 32-hundred dollars.All that money will go towards their goal of building a shelter in Mankato for at-risk and homeless youth.


October 3, 2010

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