New transitional housing for female youth in need was announced today for Saskatoon, with support from the provincial and federal governments.

The federal government has promised 347-thousand dollars and land on Wilson Crescent valued at 365-thousand dollars.

The Government of Saskatchewan is funding 300-thousand dollars.

Social Services Minister June Draude says in addition to this money from the provincial government, the province also provides annual operating funding on nearly 2-million dollars to the Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre for nine existing homes for vulnerable youth.

This new project will create 10 additional spaces for children and youth in care, at two new homes.

There will be two buildings constructed on Wilson Crescent, which will create 10 new transitional beds.

Don Miekle is the Director of Housing and Outreach Services for the Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre.

He says they will provide these vulnerable children with supportive housing so their journey in life can be less difficult.

Miekle says their program works.

Vulnerable children and youth are leaving gangs and lives of crime because there is an option now.

They can provide hope, structure and guidance in a young person’s life.

This new transitional housing will be for female youth between the ages of 12 and 15, primarily of Aboriginal ancestry, who are homeless or vulnerable to homelessness.


August 2, 2010

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