The Dream Walkers are four young people who have now walked across the Country for over 100 days and 1,000 miles.  They started out on January 1 from their homes in Florida and their destination is the White House.  These young people are a lot like everyday youth in all our communities – they come from the same circumstances, they have the same hopes.  The only difference?  They don’t have papers.  But these youth are not afraid, and they have decided to take action, big-time, to make their plight known and to create justice for our communities.   

Felipe, Gaby, Carlos & Juan will be arriving in DC and walking up to the White House on Saturday, May 1st. The Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), an NN4Y member agency, is working with various local and national organizations that will be hosting a welcoming rally for the Walkers in Lafayette Square, at 2:00 PM.  Please consider joining us and personally thanking these modern-day youth heroes – more details to come soon. 

For more information on the Walkers, including an introductory video, check out their website at:




April 21, 2010

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