Promise House, Texas

Paloma came to Promise House when she was in high school. Frequent runaway episodes defined her life at that time. Although she attended a private Catholic school, she was many times sleeping in the school’s football concession stand, on top of buildings in Deep Ellum, or walking around all night to avoid witnessing abuse at home. She stayed in the Promise House Emergency Shelter and connected with several staff. With the help of Promise House, Paloma was able to graduate from high school and begin college, with the help of our scholarship fund. She also served on the Board of Directors of Promise House for several years. She then moved to Nevada, where she continued her college work and worked for a law school. When she moved back to Dallas, she contacted Promise House staff for help in finding a job. It just so happened that the Executive Assistant to the President at Promise House was open at the time. She interviewed and GOT the job! She is now my assistant and also assists with all the government grant writing. Now that’s what I call success!


March 18, 2009

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