YouthCare—Seattle, WA

Nick is a 16 year old living in YouthCare’s Shelter Program. Nick has been in and out of shelters since he was 13 years old, when his mother asked him to leave home. He has been living on and off in shelters and on the streets for three years.

He says that living on the streets is hard. “I’d see a bunch of people, they’re with their families, it’s nice and warm at their house, it’s not that nice out on the streets.”

YouthCare’s Shelter program is helping him break the cycle of street living by moving him into long-term housing at YouthCare’s Threshold program. Shelter staff members are helping him file a CHINS (Child in Need of Supervision) petition and is ensuring that he stays in school.

Because of issues related to his home life, Nick struggles with anger issues. Shelter staff members help him manage his emotions and resolve conflict in healthy, productive ways. “Leslie and Eric, when, let’s say somebody makes me mad, they’ll talk to me and help me work it out. And whenever I need to talk to somebody they’ll talk to me. All that kind of stuff.”

He is confident that with YouthCare’s help, he will be able to achieve his goal of enrolling in a culinary arts school. “YouthCare has already helped me get off the streets, find a job, and make friends.”


March 18, 2009

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