Why did you turn to the Lighthouse?

People ask me that same question all the time. You don’t look like a runway or homeless youth, your life looking like if it was perfect. I think in my head if only you knew what I had to go threw. From being rape at the age of 7 by a person that I thought was my dad. Only to find out that he was just my grandma’s boyfriend. At that time my brain was not ready for all this. I then came to find out the girl I had thought was my sister was really my mother, because my grandma would not tell me the truth.

I lived with my grandma since I was two days old until I turned13. During those years I was hit with any objects that she could find. She would leave me in the house alone for days, smoke weed and drink around me. I just held all this anger in till I turned 13 that’s when I exploded, fought back and ran away. I end up in jail for a night, but it’s was worth it. Then I went to live with my real mother not knowing she was not going except me for the way I am, homosexual, gay, faggot, whatever people called it these days. Two weeks after finding out she kicked me out and told me I was never her son. That really hurt me till this day. When I think about it I start to cry.

I then went to live with my aunt downtown which was nice I had the best three years of my life. I started getting good grades, joined the Boys and Girls club and started a leadership club that has not been active in 15 years which is called Keystone, I also ran for 2006 Youth of the Year. Then here come another road block one day I was coming home from working at White Castle I see a panel hanging off the wall so instead of just letting it fall I pulled it off. I thought I was doing something good, but come to find out that I was obstructing property. The building manager kicked me out with no where to go or stay. So my boyfriend said I could stay with him as long as needed but after six months the relationship came to an end, so’ I move out. I then move in with my aunt best friend sister down the street from where she lives. The lady was an alcoholic. She would come in raisen a lot of sand and being very loud when I had to be to school the next morning at 6am and be to work at White Castle from 3pm till 11pm.

I went to school and my teacher told me about the Lighthouse and their Transitional Living Program. I had an interview and learned more about the program and was accepted in. I was assigned a Case Manager, and they took time and sat down with me, and talked about college, scholarships, food and household supplies. I started working for the Boy Scout’s I take every pay check and save for my rent and get stuff for my new home. I think there ‘s no better time to say thanks for giving me another chance at life, a warm bed, hot shower, and a nice home once I get on my feet. In January I’ll begin paying 30% of my income towards my rent. This program is helping me to become a successful young man, making it possible for me to determine my future and not allowing my past & my circumstance to determine my future.

by: Iassca Jackson
Client at the Lighthouse TLP
In Cincinnati Ohio





March 18, 2009

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