Stage 1: “Before”

I grew up with six brothers and sisters with my father and step-mother. Life was good. My family had more than enough money to go around because of the truck driving job my father had. My father drove truck for about eight or nine years. He had a bad accident and messed up his back real bad which caused him to lose his job. Life went from good to very hard because of this.

My family soon had to depend on welfare just to get by. My brother and I had to start sharing clothes and shoes because we didn’t have enough money to wash clothes. Some nights we all had to sleep together in one room to keep warm because we had no heat from not being able to pay the bill. My family started taking their frustrations out on each other and my brother and I moved out to live with our biological mother in Raleigh.

I lived with my mother for about six months. My life was o.k. at first, but then I found out about my mother’s drug use. Her addiction led our family to getting evicted many times so I ended up moving back with my father in Franklin County. I got into school up there, but ended up dropping out because I was emotionally unstable with all the back to back stress and school was just too much pressure. I soon learned that I needed to stop holding myself back and do what’s right for me.

I called my Cousin Samantha to get advice on how to start on my own because she had learned to do it by herself. Samantha introduced me to a program that helps kids learn to live on their own and I met a case manager named Michelle at the Bason Outreach Center. She talked to me about the program and I knew it was the program that would help me reach my goals.

Stage 2: “Intervention”

Alan found out about our program from his cousin Samantha who was already involved in our program. When Alan came to us at the Outreach Center at age 17, he was on the street and was in need of emergency shelter. He was functionally illiterate and was feeling really stressed out about his situation. We assisted him with temporary shelter at Wrenn House and Wrenn House Staff were able to locate his father whom he had lost contact with for a period of time. We assisted him with entering job corps. He left job core after about six moths and retuned to Raleigh with no stable housing. He could not read, but he did complete his masonry certification at Job Corps. When he came back to Raleigh, we assisted him with obtaining his own apartment. We provided him with food, furniture, bus tickets and we even gave him a car that was donated to our agency. We helped him obtain his license, registration, and car insurance with our job readiness program.

Stage 3: “After”

Alan currently remains in his apartment and is working on his reading so that he can get his GED. He has a part-time job and has made great progress toward all of his goals. Alan is very optimistic about his life and he often thanks us for all that we’ve done to help him. He often gives back to our program by helping us with maintaining our facility and helping us run the program. Most recently he helped us paint our new 8500 sq foot outreach facility. He also tries to be a good role model for his younger brothers and sisters and has gotten them involved with our program for needed assistance.


November 18, 2008

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