National Network for Youth (NN4Y) has been working to raise awareness of youth homelessness for more than 30 years. When Virgin Mobile informed us of their plans to launch the Strip2Clothe campaign, we knew it would get attention– and the issue of youth homelessness needs more attention. Our first steps were to assess feedback and try to find a comfortable place where both our members and Virgin Mobile could reach their goals.

During the test phase, our members and others who viewed the videos gave us the clear message that the theme and content were unacceptable. At that time, we declined to officially partner or promote strip2clothe while still offering members who wished to be a beneficiary of the program that opportunity.

As of July 21, Virgin Mobile heard those same voices and responded in kind. The have replaced the campaign with Blank2Clothe — encouraging participants to share their personal talents or interests – be it dancing, juggling or jumping rope – through viral videos “all of which will showcase the most creative, funny and clean activities America’s young adults can offer in the name of generating new clothing for homeless kids.”

NN4Y is pleased that Virgin Mobile is willing to find a comfortable place for everyone and look forward to feedback from our members. By changing the program to Blank2Clothe, they are engaging the passionate voices out there in shaping this program and letting all of us demonstrate how we all want to engage in this important issue.

We continue to support Virgin Mobile USA’s efforts to raise awareness of youth homelessness and again offer our members the opportunity to receive the clothes from this campaign. We are grateful for both the input we received from our members and Virgin Mobile USA’s recognition of their concerns. Finally, NN4Y invites you all to Blank2Clothe to help homeless youth at OR text the word KARMA to 68405.


July 23, 2008

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